• Charity Work

  • Whilst many of our vets, nurses, reception and admin staff raise money for causes personal to them, as a veterinary group our charity focus is on raising money for animal charities and rescue centres.

    We operate a separately audited Willows Community Fund. Any money we raise goes into this fund to be distributed to local animal charities and rescue centres – either as direct payments or by paying for goods eg computers etc.

  • Each year we enter teams into the national Vet Charity Challenge – which is a gruelling triathlon combined with mental tasks and problem solving activities. This event has raised over £100,000 in the last three years for animal charities.

    Until the demise of Weaver Square in Northwich we organised the annual Animal Charities Christmas Fair for local rescue centres – an event we are hoping to resurrect once we have found a suitable location.

    We are always trying out new initiatives for our fundraising and in 2014 we sold Christmas cards for the first time. These proved very popular with clients and we are hoping to continue with these for many years to come.

    It costs a lot of money for local rescue centres to care for an animal. Whilst donations help towards these costs we felt that we could also help these centres by helping them to rehome animals quickly. Many of the organisations are small and run by a very dedicated group of volunteers but lack the resources needed to promote themselves. We have helped one organisation by building them a bespoke website and we also built www.thecheshirepetcharitynetwork.co.uk which is an umbrella rehoming website for local rescue centres and charities. This website has proved to be extremely popular with many, many animals finding loving new homes.