• Willows Veterinary Group works with the Dogs Trust Neutering Scheme which provides subsidised neutering for people on means-tested benefits for the following dog breeds:

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier



    American Bulldog






    German Shepherd


    Jack Russell


    The Dogs Trust Discount Neutering Scheme is available to anyone on a means-tested benefit (Income support; Jobseeker’s Allowance; Working tax credit; Housing Benefit; Council Tax Benefit or Pension Credit).

    If you are on one of the benefits listed you simply bring some proof of your benefit when come in for your dog to be neutered, and we will only charge £35 – the rest of the cost will be reimbursed to us by The Dogs Trust.

    People who are not in receipt of one of these benefits, but are in need of help, can write to the Dogs Trust applying for assistance, showing proof of any other benefits you receive. They consider each case on its own merits and will reply to all letters within a few days. If they can help, you will be sent a letter which you must bring with you confirming that you are allowed to use the subsidised neutering scheme.

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    Dogs Trust
    17 Wakley Street
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    Keyhole bitch spays are not covered under this scheme.