• Lost / Found Pets and Pets Needing a Home

    If you have lost / found a pet and would like us to put the details on our website please e-mail a photograph and description of the animal along with the date it was lost / found, where it was lost / found and your contact name and phone number to lostpets@willowsvetgroup.co.uk. We will keep the details on the site for 28 days but please tell us if you have a successful outcome earlier. Please send the photograph as a separate file (ideally please keep the file size small ) Thank you!!
    Please note: It has been brought to our attention that criminal gangs trawl websites and classified adverts looking for adverts titled 'Free to a good home' and that animals may be obtained in this way and used as bait in illegal dog fighting. For this reason we cannot carry these sort of adverts for individuals. We can put you in touch with animal charities who may be able to take your pet or may be willing to carry out checks on the person wanting the animal. Stray Animals that the Willows Vet Group need to rehome will only be offered to existing clients.
    If you are looking for a pet as a new addition to your family there are a number of local charities and rescue centres that have animals available for adoption. Their details and details of the animals they have for rehoming are available by visiting the website www.thecheshirepetcharitynetwork.co.uk
    For some helpful tips on finding your pet please click here.
    You have a much better chance of having your pet returned to you if they are microchipped. We successfully reunited and owner and dog 8 months after the dog had been stolen from the owner's garden, after it was brought into us after being found running around on the road. The animal was brought into our Northwich surgery and reunited with his owner who was from Preston.
    Below you will find details of all the lost / found pets we have been informed about with the most recent notifications being placed at the top.
  • Cat Found in Lostock (Added 23/6/2017)

    Elderly female cat, appears to have worn a collar. This lovely lady has a detached retina so is blind. 
    She is currently at our Hartford hospital after being brought in by a member of the public from Lostock area. 
    Please contact Hartford on 01606 723202 if you have any information/know who her owners may be.

  • Cat Missing from Kingsmead, Northwich (Added 23/6/2017)

    Max is a big friendly cat who will go to anybody. He has light grey fur and yellow eyes. Last seen on the evening of Monday 19th June. Missed by the whole family, and his mother Lula.

    Max lives in Kingsmead, but as he sometimes gets into cars and vans he could unfortunately be further afield.

    Please check sheds and outbuildings.If you have any information ring:

    07794388108 or 01606 621318.

  • Budgie Found in Winsford (Added 23/6/2017)

    This little budgie was brought into us yesterday from a garden in Winsford. 
    He was very weak and tired. 
    He seems to have perked up completely with some food and water.
    Please contact Winsford Veterinary Surgery on 01606 592714 if you have any information/know who the owners may be 

  • Cat missing from Dee Banks, Chester (Added 12/6/2017)

    This is Binky and she is missing from Dee Banks in Chester, she is 3 years old, ALL Black, neutered but not chipped. She was last seen 24th May. She is SUPER friendly and often wanders for 3 or 4 days but always come home. I think she has gone exploring and lost her way back. She is used to jumping through windows to get in the house. If you think you have seen her please contact Melissa on 07745961299. 

  • Cat Missing from Stockton Heath (Added 2/6/2017)

    Female cat missing Stockton Heath area, 14 years old, red collar and microchipped. Please contact 01925 211181 or 0788-333-9062 if you have any information. 

  • Cat Missing from Winnington (Added 31/5/2017)

    Leo is missing from his home in Winnington, Northwich. He's not been seen since 18th May and we miss him so much. He looks like a full grown cat but he's only 10 months old. He's silver tabby with a very distinctive bushy tail, can local people please keep an eye out for him 
    Please contact 07827 964851 if you have any information.

  • Cat Missing from Norley Hall (Added 26/5/2017)

    **£50 REWARD** We have lost our exotic Persian clementine , he's a ginger colourpoint. He's been gone for 7 days. He's very shy and timid. Has never been out at night. We've looked high and low. He's about 6-7 now. If you have any information please telephone 01928 787915 or 07532 007705

  • Cat Missing from Winsford (Added 22/5/2017)

    Oreo has gone missing from the St Chads' Fields/ Swanlow  Drive area of Winsford. He is black with green eyes and aged just under 1. He is neutered and microchipped. If you have any information please telephone 07583 241771.


  • Cat Missing from Alsager (Added 22/5/2017)

    We have lost a two year old black cat. No distinguishing features. 32 Craig Walk Alsager backing onto the golf course.. She is very timid. She could be hiding in garages or garden sheds.We had recently collected her from Cat's Protection in Crewe and she could still be chipped as such. Not sure when the details will be updated on the chip.

    Our details are Griffiths
    01270 877 211

  • Cat Missing from Grappenhall (Added 9/5/2017)

    Jasmine has been missing from St Anne's Ave Grappenhall Warrington since Friday 05/05/17 Jasmine is black and white, 12 years old and very timid, she may be wearing a pink patterned collar and is chipped.

    Jasmine recently came to live with us so may be trying to make her way back to her former home in Orford Warrington.

    Please contact 07856 686337 if you have any information.


  • Dog Missing from Lymm (Added 2/5/2017)

    He went missing on 29th April 2017 in Ridgeway Grundy Park in Lymm at 6pm.

    He is a chinese crested dog - powderpuff, short white curly coat, long tail fur and feet fur, moustache and large ears. 

    If you have any information please contact 07973 878903. Thank You  

  • Cat Missing in Warrington (Added 2/3/2017)

    Tilly is missing from the Lower Walton Area of Warrington. If you have any information about her whereabouts please contact Barbara on 07506 739936.


  • Cat Missing from Hartford (Added 23/1/2017)

    Ringo escaped from his cat carrier in the car park of Willows Veterinary Hospital in Hartford, Northwich. He ran off into the gardens of neighbouring houses. He is currently on medication and needs to be found and reunited with his owners. If you see him please contact his owners Alex: 07493061961 or Susan: 07970 005285.

  • Cat Missing from Bartington (Added 25/4/2017)

    Our cat Midnight hasn't been home for 2 weeks. We live in Bartington near Little Leigh.She is jet black with green eyes and she is a little bit timid.She is microchipped. Please do get in touch if you see her. She is very much missed.

    Please call 07976 390785 if you have any information.

  • Cat Missing from Hartford, Northwich (Added 13/3/2017)

    Cat missing from the Weaver Park Estate in Hartford following a recent house move He's a very nervous cat and doesn't often wander far. Please contact 07525 495410 if you see him.

  • Cat Missing from Woolston, Warrington (Added 2/3/2017)

    Libby has gone missing from  Lincoln Close, Woolston, Warrington WA1 4LU

    She is a very friendly, pretty Tabby. Libby is microchipped but she doesn’t wear a collar.

     If anyone has seen her or has any information at all we would be extremely grateful.

     Please call Mel & Chris on 07887 556004 or 07875 341461

  • Cat Missing from Lymm (Added 3/2/2017)

    15mth of female Russian blue. Short haired, Completely grey, with green eyes and was wearing a silver reflective collar and bell. She is neutered and microchipped.
    Been missing since Monday 30th Jan 17. Last seen inLymm, Warrington.
    We will follow any lead.
    Telephone 07778 478974.

  • Cat Missing from Lostock Gralam (Added 6/1/2017)

    Cleo is a 3 year old female tabby cat with an all black tip on her tail. She has been missing from the Lostock Gralam area since January 2nd 2017. She is spayed and microchipped but not wearing a collar. We are happy to reward anyone who helps us to find her. Please call 07799155753 if you have any information. 

  • Cat Missing from Middlewich (Added 21/11/2016)

    This is Toffee, he is approx 5 months old. 

    He is friendly and used to to other animals and children. 
    He is white and tabby, he had a scab behind his ear a fortnight ago. Is fully flea treated and wormed 
    He has been missing since the 4th November. 
    Please contact 07931667987 with any information.

  • Cat Missing from Lymm (Added 6/1/2017)


    Molly, went missing on the evening of 27th Dec from Cherry Lane area Lymm. We've searched everywhere. She' chipped. If you have any information please telephone 07974006323.