• Price Match

  • At the end of the day we along with every other vets are a business and need to make money so that we can continue to provide a professional, quality service and invest in the continuous professional development of our staff and ensure we have the latest technology. Although, because of our size, we can offer a broader service than many other local vets we always strive to be competitive on price.

    We are aware that from time to time other vets will have special offers on. So that our clients do not miss out we invite you to ask us to price match.

    'Please ask us to match or beat any genuine offer advertised by another local vet'

    We may need to see a copy of the offer just so that we can match on a like for like basis and we do not guarantee to always be able to match the price - although in the four years we have offered the price match there have only been two offers we haven't been able to match or beat.