• Puppy Pack

  • We know that getting a Puppy is a very exciting time - but also quite daunting and expensive so we have developed a Puppy Pack which is the most comprehensive and best value for money Puppy Pack in the area and is designed to give your puppy the best start in life.

    The puppy pack costs just £49.99. If your puppy has already had his/her first vaccination then the price is reduced to £39.95.

  • The Puppy Pack includes:

    • First and Second Vaccination
    • One Worm Treatment
    • One Flea Treatment
    • A Bag of Puppy Food
    • 4 Weeks Free Insurance
    • Discount Voucher for Neutering
    • Discount voucher for Adaptil
    • Glossy Puppy Care Book
    • Lead
    • Initial Health Check by a Vet
    • Regular Monthly Development Checks with a Puppy Nurse
    • 'I Love My Dog' Sticker

    Plus when you buy a puppy pack we will give you either a kennel cough vaccination or a microchip for FREE


    The regular development checks are optional. During the checks our Puppy nurse will discuss a variety of topics with you to help your puppy grow into a healthy, well socialised dog. These include:

    • Parasites
    • Dental Care
    • Poisons
    • Toys
    • Nutrition
    • Behaviour
    • Socialisation


    We are always on hand to offer help and advice throughout the whole life of your dog - if you have any questions please phone us.