• Willows Veterinary Group proudly sponsor:

  • 1)      The Yellow Dog Campaign

    The yellow dog campaign was started in November 2012 to make dogs that need space easily identifiable by encouraging owners to tie a yellow ribbon around the dog’s lead or tying a yellow bandana around its neck. The campaign is part of a wider international campaign which now covers 20 countries.

    There are several reasons why dogs may need space. These include:

    • They may be ill
    • They may be old
    • They may be hurt
    • A female dog may be in season
    • They may be in training
    • The dog may be nervous
    • They may have had bad life experiences
    • The person walking the dog may be nervous of other dogs
    • They may be a new family who are unsure as to their behaviour with other dogs.

    The campaign asks dog owners and members of the public not to approach pets in the yellow apparel and dog walkers are asked to keep their dogs on leads when they see a yellow dog.

    More information about the Yellow Dog campaign can be found by visiting their website www.yellowdoguk.co.uk and Willow Veterinary Group clients can obtain a 10% discount on Yellow Dog merchandise by entering the code WILLOWSVETGROUP

  • 2)      The Cheshire Pet Network

    The Cheshire Pet Network brings pet owners together with local businesses offering pet related services including

    • Kennels
    • Catteries
    • Dog Walkers
    • Pet Shops
    • Dog Trainers
    • Pet Sitters
    • Pet Taxis
    • Pet Photographers

    And many more services.

    The hub of the network is the website www.thecheshirepetnetwork.co.uk

  • 3)      The Cheshire Pet Charity Network

    The Willows Veterinary Group came to realise that there are a lot of animal charities and rescue centres who do great work in the local community but who struggle with marketing themselves.

    To help them we set up a rehoming website which brings together many of the local rescue organisations. On the website, not only do the organisations get to promote themselves and their events but they can also ‘showcase’ the animals in their care that need a home.