You may have seen the XLVets logo on our website – but what does it mean?

At one time all vets were owned by and run by vets. Recently however there has been a rapid rise in large corporations and financial investors buying out independent veterinary practices.

Many independent veterinary surgeries find it difficult to compete with the corporate groups – think of the effect Tesco had on local butchers, bakers etc.

What is XLVets?

XLVets is unique in the veterinary profession. It is a group of veterinary practices who wish to remain independent but work collaboratively and cooperatively to share resources, learning and clinical skills.

An independent vet practice is owned and run by vets which means that any decisions that are made come with a sound ethical and clinical backing from the vets on the ground who are treating your pets. Whilst, like any business, there is a need to make a profit, the drive for this is to reinvest in the facilities, equipment and staff who are there to look after your pet. XLVets member practices will always be progressive in exploring ways to deliver new and vital services.

What does it mean to me?

As a pet owner, using an XLVets practice gives you the reassurance that your pet is being treated by an independent veterinary practice but with the backing of one of the most respected groups of vets in the country. This means that they can remain competitive on pricing, receive some of the best training available and continue to provide the highest standards of veterinary care.

XLVets work across companion animal, farm animal and equine veterinary disciplines.

XLVets are also actively engaged in raising money for both local, national and international animal charities.

Willows Veterinary Group are proud to be an XLVets member practice and are actively involved in XLVets.

To find out more about the XLVets organisation visit their website here.

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