• About Willows Veterinary Group

  • Willows Veterinary Group are an independent veterinary group based in Cheshire. We are a mixed practice which means that we look after pets, farm animals, horses and poultry. The Willows Veterinary Group comprises of 18 small animal practices throughout Cheshire with another due to open at Westbrook in Warrington in Autumn 2015. The farm practice runs operates from 5 offices across Cheshire and North Wales and we have two equine centres at Allostock and Malpas.

    Being independent means that we are run by vets not by one of the corporate giants who now account for over 50% of UK veterinary practices.

    Willows Veterinary Group are accredited by The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The RCVS are the governing body for UK vets. To gain accreditation we must pass a regular strict inspection that looks at our levels of skill, clinical excellence, cleanliness, transparency and record keeping. In addition to regular scheduled inspections we are also subject to spot inspections at any time. We think that meeting the standards laid down by the governing body is a must as it is the only way a pet owner can be ensured that they will get the correct standard of service and care. Despite this about half of UK veterinary practices have not gone through the accreditation process.

    When you see your vet it is like seeing your doctor, and just as your doctor may refer you to a specialist the same is true in the veterinary world. Willows Veterinary Group have our own referral centre - Oakwood Veterinary Referrals, which is staffed by specialists in Orthopaedics, Soft Tissue Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Dermatology. Having this specialist centre means that all the practices within our group have access to the very latest equipment and diagnostic techniques including MRI and CT scanners. 

    No two vets are the same - although they all receive the same training initially they will all have differing experiences. This can be very advantageous to clients using our group because it means we have a wealth of experience to share. Our vets can easily seek a second or third opinion on a challenging case and benefit from the experience of other vets - something that a stand alone vet practice cannot do. Many of our vets will also enhance their skills by working alongside and observing our specialists at Oakwood. In addition all our vets and nurses undergo Continuous Professional Development to ensure that they are always up to date with the latest thinking and techniques.

    Whilst we think that the most important part of our work is making animals better we also understand that for some people price is the most important factor when deciding on veterinary care. This is why we are the only vets in Cheshire to offer a Price Match. We aim to be competitive - even with vets that cannot offer our level of experience of equipment. In addition our buying power means that we can offer many products and services cheaper than other local vets. We recently quoted £200 cheaper than another local vet for a bitch spay using keyhole surgery techniques.

    We also know that you and your pets need to feel loved. It goes without saying that we all love pets - that's why we do what we do. All our staff have pets - many strays that have been brought into our surgeries! We are here to help you every step of the way and are always available for help and advice. We are a shoulder to cry on when needed.



  • Why you should choose the Willows Veterinary Group

  • So to summarise The Willows Veterinary Group are uniquely placed among the vets of Cheshire. Our independence means that we are free from financial targets set by shareholders and free to offer the treatments and products we feel are correct for your pet. We are large enough so that our vets don't have to make every diagnosis alone and have access to the very latest equipment. In all but two of our practices we provide our own out of hours service. We invest heavily in upgrading the facilities at our practices. We are also competitively priced. .... but most of all we love pets and we look after our clients. We regularly receive reviews praising our service and each year receive a flood of nominations for the annual Petplan Veterinary Awards.