Lungworm in dogs

Dog nose and snail

Lungworm is a parasite that can cause coughing and potentially life threatening clotting problems in dogs, so it’s important to ensure that your dog is protected from it. Dogs can catch lungworm from eating infected slugs and snails, or by coming into contact with their slime. Lungworm can infect dogs of all ages and breeds, but younger dogs may be more susceptible.

If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms, contact us immediately:
• Seizures
• Unusual bruising
• Changes in sight
• Weight loss
• Depression or lethargy
• Vomiting or diarrhoea
• Excessive bleeding from minor cuts, wounds or nose bleeds
• Breathing problems, including coughing and tiring easily

Some dogs don’t initially show signs of a lungworm infection, so it is important that you contact us if you have reason to believe that your dog has eaten slugs or snails or may be infected. Lungworm prevention can be easily incorporated into your dog’s usual preventative treatment plan, and you can discuss their individual level of risk with our team. Get in touch for advice on how often to worm your dog and the best products for them.